Discover how an NFT artwork can reflect an entire generation’s sentiments about global social issues.


What are our sentiments towards social issues?
What do happiness, fear, anger, or surprise look like?
We capture human sentiments through data and coding to generate an artistic script that visually reflects our collective sentiments and how they shift over time.

the Pride Month Tribute

an NFT collection that centers around celebration

Capped at just 31 editions, it’s a fusion of coding and data to generate artworks that reflect societal sentiments towards the LGBTQ+ community and Pride Month over a three year period. Discover our creative process and artworks here.

Our Genesis collection on

Coming soon:
730 Days... Flattening the curve

Do you remember the day that Covid impacted you the most?
You can soon possess it in the form of a dynamic artwork that reflects your personal experience and sentiments, as well as that of our global collective.
A unique and limited collection of 730 generative and dynamic artworks that capture social sentiments during the 2 years of the Covid-19 pandemic.
We analyzed millions of online written sources over the first 730 days of the pandemic using machine learning.
Our traits are derived using important aspects from the Covid era, starting and concentrating on people’s emotions and sentiments.
Visit our presentation to find more details about our upcoming collection!

Roadmap For Sentimentio's Launch

The Sentimentio website will be updated frequently as the drop approaches. Stay tuned for more information on our vision, values, community approach, and minting details.
You only need to wait until the start of May to discover the specifics and technicalities behind the innovation.
Once our Press Release has circulated, we’ll be divulging the theme of the very first Sentimentio NFT collection. You’ll also get a sneak peek into what impactful generative artwork can look like. The piece chosen for our first mint will trump it, by far!
The creative traits attributed to the totality of sentiments surrounding each social issue we have selected will blow you away! We’ll be providing descriptions and a bit of background for each NFT.
We’ll be sharing all the minting information you need to know just a few days before the drop. From the sale format to the whitelists, pricing, giveaways, and more… Join the Discord to gain access sooner.
Let’s do this!



Lets do this!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sentimentio?

Sentimentio is a set of dynamic NFT collections that tells the story of our collective sentiments towards social issues. Artworks are generated through coding and data to capture human emotions during significant times in our shared history.

When will the first Sentimentio NFT collection be released?

Our first collection, Pride Month Tribute
has been released on Fxhash. Capped at just 31 editions, it’s a fusion of coding and data to generate artworks that reflect societal sentiments towards the LGBTQ+ community and Pride Month over a three-year period.
Check out our collection at Fxhash.

What kind of traits will the artworks have?

Artistic traits are connected to our data. You can read more about our vision and creative process here. Stay tuned for the full list of traits, the meaning behind them, and complete artworks. will be revealed later.

Who is behind the Sentimentio NFT project?

We are an accomplished tech team made up of coding, data science, graphics design, web development and community enthusiasts. We are driven by our passion for innovation in AI and ambition to bridge the gap between humans and artificial intelligence. Meet the team.

Do you have a Discord?

Yes, and we welcome you and discuss the innovation behind Sentimentio. Our goal is to build a genuine, interactive, and long-lasting community. Join us!

How can I contact you?

Just send us an email or DM us on our official Sentimentio Twitter page.


Read more about our vision and the creative process behind our generative artworks.